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Guidelines for Learners

How to get your Ontario Licence, Risky Passing Business, Think Right to Blink Right, Myths and Facts of Road Safety...

How to get your Ontario Licence
Risky Passing Business
Precautions in adverse conditions
Think Right to Blink Right
Don't Fall For Road Rage
Myths and facts of road safety
Follow by 1001 and 1002
Couple of seconds can save your life
Driving under influence-playing with life
Speeding? Better late than never
Distraction means destruction
Night time driving Highways and freeways
Eight ways to overcome road test jitters

Guidelines for Parents

Often times, Parents are the ones who take their kids out to practice for their driving test. Therefore, there are certain guidelines that parents need to follow when helping their children with driver training. Driving, just like Everything we do in life frequently, becomes a habit. Our driving instructors will tell you that routines may make life dull at times, but they are necessary in learning to for their driving test.

Startup Procedure
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